I Just Let my 1 ½ year old Watch The Octonauts.

I’ve figured out that I need to sit down and write whenever I feel the urge. However, being a mother makes this a little difficult. (Ugh, I just used the word “mother”. You know how certain people don’t like certain words? I have negative feelings around the word “mother” and I have no idea why. Mom is fine, Mommy is great but Mother just digs into my ears. There is something pretentious and gross sounding about it. But now that I have children I find myself referring to myself as a mother. It’s rather surreal. In the past, the only way I would have used mother in a title for myself would be to call myself a BAMF. Anyway that was a long side tangent and not even what I sat down to write tonight.)

So, I’ve discovered that self care sometimes means that my kid loses a couple brain cells. And what is so wrong with that? She’s smart, she can stand to be knocked down a few pegs.


I didn’t do a proper first post where I introduce myself and tell you my business being on the internet. Here it is:

I’m the 26 year old mother (that word! Gag) of two averagely adorable children ages one and a half and 6 months and yes I DO HAVE MY HANDS FULL THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I’m married (surprise, surprise) to a averagely awesome man. We live in paradise, also known as Northern California, in a little cottage with a purple door (I didn’t paint the door purple so me using it as a way to make my life sound sweet and artsy is a total douche move.)

I really have no business being on the internet and blogging. I have an average lifestyle, less than average grammar and writing skills and a sometimes obnoxious sense of humor. (I LOVE PARENTHESES AND CAPITAL LETTERS) I’m terrible at segues so you’ll notice I change topics scatterdly (See? Scatterdly isn’t even a word). Nevertheless, here I am typing away.

Thanks for reading! 



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